Splice: Zero-Point Awakening Episode One

Splice: Zero-Point Awakening, by ZZ Adams, is a sci-fi novel set between the UK and USA. It follows the story of two characters, Elliot and Arthur, who are on a shared mission to take down Genetech, a huge corporation intent on global domination, and threatens the safety of themselves and their loved ones. The story... Continue Reading →

The Living Dead

The Living Dead, by George A. Romero and Daniel Kraus, is a zombie horror novel set in present-day USA. The story is told from multiple viewpoints, but we begin with two medical examiners who make the discovery of a body that seemingly returns to life. This is the beginning of a mass zombie apocalypse which... Continue Reading →

The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker

The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker, by Lauren James, is a YA paranormal horror which is set in the United Kingdom, in an abandoned building called Mulcture Hall. The main character, Harriet Stoker, is a university student studying Photography and has come to the building to take pictures as part of a project for her... Continue Reading →


Singularity, by Mark Tuson, is a collection of stories set in the United Kingdom. They mainly follow the journey of Ashley Simpson, a doctor who believes she holds the answer to people who have suffered seemingly lifelong consequences as a result of injury or disability. This answer is in the form of a device which... Continue Reading →

Glow Book I, Potency

Glow, by Aubrey Hadley, is a sci-fi story set in Nevada. The main character is Harper, a seventeen-year-old girl who lives under the constant watch of her mother, along with her younger sister, Olivia and older brother, Brett. Their city is currently under threat from the Sleeping Syndrome, a disease which effectively euthanises its victims... Continue Reading →


Firewalkers, by Adrian Tchaikovsky, is a sci-fi story set mainly in the town of Achouka, on Earth. The main characters, Mao, Lupe and Hotep form a group of people called Firewalkers who are dispatched to repair the solar panels which have been destroyed as the Earth slowly dies away. Without the solar panels, there is... Continue Reading →


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