Singularity, by Mark Tuson, is a collection of stories set in the United Kingdom. They mainly follow the journey of Ashley Simpson, a doctor who believes she holds the answer to people who have suffered seemingly lifelong consequences as a result of injury or disability. This answer is in the form of a device which allows changes to be made to a person’s genetic material.

The rest of the book follows the journey of the individual characters as they suffer a loss of some kind, from losing a leg to finding that their child is going to be born with a disability, only to find that the so-called damage can be repaired to an extent beyond anything they could have imagined.

For the most part, the outcomes for the individual characters are excellent. They find themselves able to return to their normal lives again, after believing that their life would never be the same as a result of their injury. But in one particular story, the morals of Ashley’s motives are brought into question. A couple find out they are about to have a child with a disability, but it is possible that the genetic coding of the child could be altered so that they are no longer disabled. However, the couple decide against it, believing that to attempt to make their child ‘perfect’ is to deny them the right to live their life as they were meant to. They question the idea of ‘fixing’ disabilities and decide that their child was never broken in the first place.

This story really resonated with me. As a disabled person, I hold very personal views on the notion of ‘fixing’ people and firmly believe that my disability has given me a perspective on life that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. To see my views written into a book alongside opposing viewpoints was really interesting and allowed me to consider different opinions.

There isn’t much about the book itself that I would change, but I would be interested to see Ashley’s character feature in a full-length story. The short stories provide so many talking points and even when Ashley isn’t the main character, they go a long way into revealing the kind of person she is and the things she wants to achieve. I would recommend this to anyone, but especially those who enjoy reading sci-fi.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It is available on Amazon.

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