Ghoster, by Jason Arnopp, is a thriller set in present-day England. The main character, Kate Collins, is a paramedic who is preparing to move in with her partner, Scott, who she met through online dating. She is also dealing with a long-term phone addiction, triggered by an unfortunate accident whilst working with her colleague and best friend, Izzy.

However, her plans to move in with Scott do not go as intended. She arrives at her new home to find the place completely abandoned. There is no sign of Scott and she is unable to reach him. We follow Kate throughout the story as she begins to uncover his whereabouts and what may, or may not, have happened to him.

I really enjoyed this book. The plot takes some very interesting twists and turns and is very indicative of modern life and how technology has taken over people’s lives. In the world of online dating, it also highlights how people who are supposedly so confident and sure of themselves can in fact be the total opposite. Phone addiction is not the only issue the book deals with, and despite Kate and Scott being apart, their worlds collide in a way that she could never have expected. It begins with her discovering his smartphone and a number of hidden secrets that are locked inside. However, the web of lies that Scott has created turn out to uncover something darker and more sinister than Kate could have imagined.

The story also takes the reader back in time to when Kate and Scott begin dating. This builds up a good picture for the reader and adds to the intrigue and suspense as Scott’s true identity is revealed. We also find out a lot about Kate’s character and how she deals with not only her own addictions and insecurities, but those of other characters within the story, namely Scott and later in the book, those of her colleagues.

My only criticism of the book is the slightly supernatural elements that develop as the story progresses. For me, the story would have been just as effective without them. However, I really liked the Black Mirror style of storytelling that the book takes on and I was invested in the story all the way to the end.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It is available for pre-order on Amazon.



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